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Unborn Evil: The Complete Golden Child Trilogy

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The complete Golden Child Trilogy in one volume: This is the incredible story of Cambodian Nhean Thavy and her three children. Her first son is a child of rape, and she wants to end his life. She could not have known the power and the danger hidden in his tiny body. Her second son is the result of a marriage of convenience, but she loves him deeply and desperately-more than any mother should love her son. But Sammy has a secret power over the dead, a power which he develops while living with the Shama Indians in the Amazon. Thavy's daughter Luna lives for only a few days before dying quietly in her mother's arms. Enter Vanessa McBride, a witch born in Africa and adopted by American missionaries. She tells Thavy that her daughter is not dead and that her two sons are coming home. But Sammy and his brother don't trust Vanessa-they plan to kill her and rescue Thavy. Reuniting with her will give them a power unequaled since time began.